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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does it have the strange windows?

There are a few reasons for the unusual windows:

  • Better Vision
    At first, you may think that the windows would hinder your view rather than help it. But the window design in the SVX allows for a very low sill plus a window that goes all the way to the roof. It also extends forward more than in most cars. It took me less than one day to get used to it.

  • Improved Aerodynamics
    The fixed glass is curved to improve aerodynamics. It also reduces wind noise whether the windows are up or down. Also, the curved shape of the glass directs rain away from the car so you can drive in the rain with the windows down (with varied success).

  • Styling Distinction
    Subaru liked to call it an "aircraft-inspired glass-to-glass canopy." They just wanted to make a car like no other on the road...and they succeeded.

2. How many Subaru SVXs were produced?

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  • Production of the 1992 SVX started in January of 1991 and ended in June of 1991
  • 1,513 of the 1992 SVXs were sold in 1991; the remaining 3,667 of the 1992 model were sold in 1992
  • Of the 3,859 SVXs produced in 1993, approximately 600 were the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition model
  • Around 1,000 SVXs were sold in Canada

3. Transmission problems


The 4EAT transmission installed in the Subaru SVX (also in the Legacy, Nissan Pathfinder, and Mazda MPV) suffers from one fatal problem: HEAT.

  • Radiator-based transmission cooler can't keep the transmission fluid cool enough
  • Transmission is poorly designed and does not allow the lubricant to flow through it to keep parts lubricated (thus friction causing heat)
  • Unusually high overdrive places additional side loads on bearings generating heat
  • AWD system puts strain on the transmission causing even more heat
A detailed analysis of the transmission problem, prevention, repair cost, and warranty coverage can be found on the Qual o preço do medicamento pantelmin.

4. Wheel bearing failure


The wheel bearings on the SVX are prone to fail prematurely. The reason for the initial failure is that the original seals allowed water to get into the bearings (the seals have since been redesigned to prevent this). Subsequent failures occur because the proper grease is not used when repacking the bearings AND over tightening of the lateral link bolt and the axle nut.

Preventative Measures