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How is driving a Subaru SVX like being in the Bermuda Triangle?

If you're in either of them long enough, you're going to lose your bearings.

SVX as an SUV

The sport utility vehicle craze applied to the SVX: The SUVX

How is driving a Subaru SVX like being chased by a lion?

In either case, you're going to hear a loud roar coming from behind you.

Listen to the song "SVX Blues"

by Al C. Yone

background and lyrics

From page 48 of the January 25, 1996 AutoWeek

Computer Graphic Trickery...

A 4-Door SVX

4-Door SVX: The Outback version

Some SVX Coupes--emphasis on "Coupe"

This is the "Orochi" by Mitsuqka.They stole the window from the SVX...but not much else.

The SVX Convertible?

SVX "Wannabe"

I might be a taxi driver if this were the car they gave me to drive!