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Scale Model of the SVX is Available now!

Basic Information

The SVX model is made from white metal (softer than diecast) and is 1/43 scale (over 4" long). I have acquired exclusive rights to this model so you will not find it available anywhere else.

Model Options

When purchasing the assembled version, you can choose the following options:

  • Left-hand drive or right-hand drive
  • Spoiler or no spoiler (If you choose "no spoiler" option, a spoiler will be included in the package but will not be attached to the model. This gives you the option of adding it later if you like.)
  • Interior color of beige or gray
  • Ten exterior colors (including two tone with black on roof and trunk)
  • Position of sunroof--glued open, glued closed, unattached, or no sunroof
  • 1992-1993, 1994-1996, and 1997 versions

You can also buy the model as an unassembled kit. It comes unpainted. The spoiler is a separate piece included with the kit so you can decide whether you want to attach it.


Initially shipping will take a couple of weeks for unassembled models. It will probably a month or more for assembled models (I have to build them to your specifications and that takes time).


Unassembled models $65 (includes shipping)
Assembled single color $110 (includes shipping)

Assembled SVX scale model online order form
(print and send check version here)


Unassembled SVX scale model online order form
(print and send check version here)